Monday, March 03, 2014

after europe

it's never easy getting back into the swing of things once you've returned from a nutzo, bonkers vacation. jet lag tends to find me snuggling up next to clouseau (seen here enjoying the new duvet) to take long naps.

if i'm completely honest with you, i have been spending WAY too much time napping. approx 14 hours a day D: i blame the remainder of the sinus infection plus this new cold (plus healing various cuts and deep bruises and the broken foot ) as well as jet lag, but there is an element of profound depression at being back mixed in.

it's not quite supergeil. XD

the first few days back, i am completely useless. all thumbs. an example:  i melted the honey bear.

the fun part is that i don't even remember why i put it in the microwave in the first place.

but eventually things get back to normal

and i start trying to make the foods that we ate on vacation. here is a rather disgusting picture of stamppot.

apologies. it is incredibly difficult to not make stamppot look gross (it is the fault of the gravy). HOWEVER, it is delicious and here is a lovely recipe. i made this gravy to go over top and subbed grocery store kielbasa for the rookworst. (works just fine.)

stamppot tastes even better the second day so, if you're using that recipe, make a big ole' pot of it and have it for several lunches.

another thing we've eaten (but for which we didn't need a recipe) is the breakfast from the hotel in prague.

basically, it's just red pepper + garlic + onion + frozen peas + frozen broccoli for the veg, potatoes were boiled and then fried with onion and the bratwurst was fried to within an inch of its life. yum, esp with stone ground mustard with added horseradish.

i do wish i could figure out how to make lovely, lovely crusty brown bread though. and i would punch your mother for white sausages. alas, bratwurst will have to suffice. FOR NOW.

what i CANNOT BELIEVE we were able to pull off is the beef in cream sauce from prague. it took over a day (overnight marination time included) and i had to combine these two recipes, but, by jove, WE CRACKED IT.

yeah, ok, that is just bread and not bread dumplings (those are so SO delicious) but, need i remind you, new cold? i almost fell asleep while searing the beef. :/

this week i will be attempting kartoffelpuffer mit apfelmus, himmel und erde (ok, we didn't eat that on vacation but it sounds too good to not make), hutspot and possibly a new currywurst recipe. BASICALLY IT IS ALMOST ALL POTATOES BUT I DON'T CARE have you looked outside? THE WEATHER IS SHIT THAT MEANS POTATOES

check back this week to see if i am still alive after an all potato diet. ha. i will be eating salads. i always eat salads but i prefer laughing alone with them to sharing pictures of them. DEAL WITH IT SUNGLASSES ARE THREATENING TO FALL ON MY FACE OH NOES THERE THEY GOOOOOOO

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