Wednesday, March 19, 2014


contrary to the title of this post, "dogs in space" has nothing to do with the pigs in orbit of "muppet show" fame. nope, no way, no fucking how. this movie is about punk kids in australia in the 70's and, holy shit, was it ever formative. 

leff brought it home tonight (!!!!!!!) and i have been too excited/nervous to watch it. the soundtrack changed my taste in music. (got my cassette copy for 99 cents in a remainder bin at a college bookstore when i was 15.) it is the reason why when i forget what i'm saying that i will sometimes mutter "ballarat".  i had a hamster named sammy nobrain. etc, etc, and fucking etc.

i don't think that i could recommend this to everyone. it is a VERY niche movie. but i am BEYOND thrilled to have a copy again! (it and the soundtrack have both been out of print for fucking EVER.) 

just, you know, be patient with me if i snarl SO WHAT at you. i'm just living on dog food. 

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