Sunday, March 30, 2014

fried dill pickles

saturday brought with it another bout of homesickness. not for a place, no, of course not. i only miss foods from specific regions. (to dwell in a place breeds contempt. or something. it's the familiarity you see. god, i get so. fucking. familiar. *glare*)

anyway, i was pining for pickles of the fried dill varietal. i used to get these at the deli but now i'm forced to make them. (this is a good recipe.) 

fried dill pickles are battered the same way that one would batter any item that needed frying. well, ok, there are two milk steps and two different flours but, whatever. the concept is familiar to you, i am sure.

technically, i shallow fried these. and, yeah, maybe they look a little gross (it is difficult to make fried things look attractive.) but they are delicious with ranch dressing. (here is a good recipe.)

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