Friday, March 07, 2014

i promised you potatoes...

...and potatoes you shall have.

i've only made one potato dish this week instead of the forty or so that i had planned but, christ walking on water crackers, was it delicious. would you like some kartoffelpuffer mit apfelmus? if yes, use those links and you will be happy.

yeah, i might just pack it all in and try getting an internship at kartofelkeller. (that place. SERIOUSLY YOU GUYS GO EAT THERE.)

what else have i been up to? aside from trying to convince myself that it's spring

i've been reading peter demetz's prague in black and gold  (first chapter available at that link), andrew eames' blue river, black sea  and some alain de botton (various. he is always v good.)

fun fact! if you can tolerate the assholes who will be ruining the event (GOD the question and answer sections in seattle are TERRIBLE. SO horribly pedantic and incredibly overbearing) alain de botton is at spl tonight.

i will not be attending as i am attempting to NEVER go to seattle again unless it is to run to the light rail and then on to the airport.  (*FINGERS FUCKING CROSSED*). instead, i will watch some of his past lectures online.

trust me. it is best for everyone.

other than that, i've been wearing my hair in a 90's indie film, vaguely french nihilist stereotype style. here is a photo where you cannot see that. ha!

and i've been watching ozu movies without the subs since i'm trying (yet again, sigh) to learn japanese. wish me luck? i'm going to need it. 

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