Friday, March 28, 2014

deviled easter eggs

this year i vowed to not make easter eggs. but when i found myself boiling a bunch of eggs for deviling purposes i thought "why the hell not? they'll be double deviled." 

which is why you will now see a very straight up devil egg. it's kinda' sorta' based on a stained glass devil from the cathedral of saint-etienne in bourges.

leff thought i was being too arsty fartsy so he made a deviled ham.

then i thought noh way! i'll make a hannya style devil egg!

then leff threw water on that idea and made a sea deviled egg. (i love its little ear flap things!)

but i had the last laugh with my devilled egg.

ha ha ha. and now here they all are in a bowl.

tomorrow i'll devil them for real. this recipe looks nice.

all past easter eggs can be seen in this flickr set.

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