Friday, December 19, 2014

amusing myself to death

i've been holding down the fort this week while leff's been in cali. i've been busy doing...well, nothing. (i'm under doc's orders to calm my immune system the fuck down i.e.-- stop stressing out, try to sleep for once) 

what does nothing look like? um, this?

also this. i mean, at least i can recycle the paper when everything's unwrapped.

plus i learned to not give a fuck about party planning. tonight we're gonna' watch "only lovers left alive" (again) and instead of going full tilt and making a bunch of stuff with garlic in it, themed "bleeding" baked goods, etc, etc as normal, we're just gonna' have some haribo vampers.

also, i might go to the boat parade tonight. i've never been even though i've listened to it (santa shouts messages from a megaphone. it's hysterical. i love it.) and sort of watched it from my kitchen window for years now. images, etc later on if i do.

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