Tuesday, December 16, 2014

bath buns for jane austen day

you guys!! it is jane austen day!! since i didn't have time to get to the cobb at lyme regis, i won't be jumping off some stairs and busting my head open for your entertainment. you'll just have to settle for some vicarious bath buns.  

the linked recipe is kinda odd (it's from 1769, what do you expect?) and includes a substitution for caraway confits. (smash caraway seeds with sugar. it works. )

there's quite a bit of butter.

and you mix in the yeast with the flour without letting it prove first.

kneading time is approx 10 min.

here's a tip i've probably mentioned before. if you don't have a proving oven,  just use your oven light. works just as well.

in the two hours of proving time, you can do all sorts of austen related things. like...

laugh at the time you were in bath talking about piss dungeons and you didn't realize that this lady was eavesdropping until you got home and saw the picture.

take a picture of your cat's butt and say that it's a good imitation of emma woodhouse. (does anyone really like emma as a character?)

take a picture of some austen books with a persimmon next to them because, hey, that seems like a regency era fruit. also, orange really brings out that lady's necklace on the cover of sense and sensibility.

ultimately, however, you will just watch the 2009 version of "emma" because even though you hate emma woodhouse as a character (stupid catbutt that she is), you are in love with romola garai. plus oh my gaaaaawd jonny lee miller should dress in regency costume more often (yeah, you first noticed him as sick boy and, in fact, always refer to him as sick boy but mmm hmmm. period dramz suit the man.)

but you are REALLY watching this mini series again to look at blake ritson's profile. (damn, blake ritson could be the emo british rock boy of YOUR DREEEEEEEEAMZZZZ when his hair is right. also dat profile. amirite (sorite))

ahem. anyway, there is a second rise that takes about an hour.

that doesn't give you a lot of time to futz about but if you are me, you will take possession of a surprise knock off OWL SPIRIT HOODIE which is quite jane austen in its way as they are always wearing silly hats in the movie adaptations.

also, you can do some handcrafts. ladies are ALWAYS embroiderin' and shit in austen books. i fixed this xmas card.

the glitter queen always strikes this time of year.

anyway, after about 10-15 min of baking, BATH BUNS!

they are freakin' delicious. eat them with lemon curd! eat them plain! w/e, just make some and HAPPY JANE AUSTEN DAY!

imma go look at blake ritson's profile again.

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