Thursday, December 25, 2014


on xmas eve, a package from the netherlands arrived.

you have no idea how exciting this was (!), for inside the tiny shipping box was a multi pack of hagelslag! i had been waiting for this for weeks!

"so what is hagelslag?" you might ask if you didn't click the above link. short answer:  sprinkles that dutch people put on toast. i had wanted to try them when we were in amsterdam earlier this year but, ha, yeah, my sinus infection precluded that.

anyway, you might recall that i am a fan of sprinkles and sprinkle type things on toast so this was right up my alley. i tore into the tiny box and found...more tiny boxes! these are so small!

turns out one little box contains the perfect amount of hagelslag for one slice of toast!  pictured are puur (dark) chocolate,

vruchten (fruit)

and shingle style melk (milk) chocolate.

of the three flavors, i liked the melk shingle version best which was surprising to me as i usually prefer dark chocolate.

two more observations and i'll let you get back to whatever you're up to today: 1) the vruchten  tastes a bit like non cloying fruity pebbles 2) i prefer the shingle version to the spinkle/jimmy variety.

i have a feeling that hagelslag will become a staple in household.

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