Friday, December 26, 2014

i gave leff the (haribo) world

leff is always taking me places. wonderful places i never knew i'd be able to visit. so this holiday, i repaid him in a tiny way by giving him the world. well, at least the world according to haribo.

there's just something about a mishmash of euro gummies, isn't there? (yes, fine the us is also included with the happy cola, but it's primarily a selection of haribo's european candy.) it's fun and bright and incredibly tasty if you get a fresh bag. (this was a *very* fresh bag! yum!)

here's a list of the u.n. of candy that this bag contains.

ireland has gummy rings!

i would make a very insidery joke here about how mystically windswept getting married in a field in ireland would be, but i won't. (oops, i kind of did. haaa.) (no, not MY wedding. puh-leaze.)

anyway, here are the candies sorted by countries.

i am a serious fan of the soft dragibus and the flores so, many thanks to belgium and spain! also, those jelly babies! i think i might like haribo jelly babies better than the bassetts variety! this is surely a sacrilege of some sort. sorry, brits!


Wastedpapiers said...

What?!! Insult our jelly babies would you? This means WAR!

r4kk4 said...

make sure to wear your red coats so i can see you better. ;D XD XD