Tuesday, December 23, 2014

food and fluff

here's a whole bunch of unrelated stuff for your tuesday.

this holiday i have become obsessed with asbach uralt brandy chocolates.

they're delicious! but also there is a sweet bit of candy tech involved. you see, there's an intricate sugar lattice inside the chocolate bottles which not only keeps the brandy inside very effectively but it also provides a nice crunch.

it is just perfect in execution is what i'm saying. we have some of the kirsch + cherry chocolates arriving after the holidays. i can't wait to try them.

leff and i toasted some spectacular news last week with cranberry mimosas.

i might tell you about it later after all the paperwork has gone through. but i might not. haha, w/e we had mimosas.

if you have leftover bath buns and italian bread, make bread pudding.

snowy has become the mascot of the green room.

he's a good dog.

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