Wednesday, July 15, 2015

july rolls on

i finished go set a watchman this morning. it was enjoyable. yes, the bombshell about atticus was difficult but, as i've said elsewhere, very true to life. i have known many older southern people who are, sadly, the same way. 

still, good book. don't read it as a sequel but as the very lightly edited, unpolished draft that it is. 

i used my last pure smile from tokyo this morning. sad but relaxing. i love these face masks.

i needed to relax as i have started "the great white out 2015" or, as it might also be termed, "house painting". interior walls, exterior trim.

some people are sad when they start making their homes neutral. not me. moving always provides the opportunity for a fresh start. and after the lost decade that has been washington state, i'm going to relish this upcoming one.


jrhyley said...

The green room is going to take so many coats to cover. o_0

But yay! Paint is basically the only thing it'll take to make the place open-house-ready. I see you in Chicago before fall.

r4kk4 said...

probably just three, maybe four coats of paint. but it's an easy room. not too many weird corners! :D

you're sweet to say that about the open house ready stuff. we still have quite a lot of work to do. :/ (still, rent is, on average, $1000 in b'ton now and it's a crazy seller's market here (*fingers crossed*) so we'll see! :D)