Friday, July 24, 2015

we visited the bookmobile and got a pu pu platter (but not at the same time)

nothing makes me feel more like i'm on vacation (even when i'm not) than visiting small libraries. i used to do this as a kid when we'd stay someplace on holiday for longer than three days. we'd roll into town, i'd get a temporary card and i'd spend the time that i wasn't sightseeing or hanging out with other kids catching up on the latest judy blume and beverly cleary. or stephen king. 

with that in mind, you can understand why i so thoroughly enjoyed the krl bookmobile. it was like a mini vacation just steps from home!

believe it or not, i had never been to a bookmobile before. i KNOW!

i'm glad i took the time to visit though as it was entirely charming.

and there were robobookmarks!

i picked up beloved (haven't read since my african american lit course a billion years ago and have forgotten a lot of it.) and some weighty beach read thing for myself and leff snagged a few mysteries.

consensus:  we will be going back! (i will also use it to drop off books when i'm too lazy to walk to the main branch.)

nearby the bookmobile was alana lu hawaiian bbq.

we picked up their pu pu platter to go. you can't really beat roasted kalua pork, huli huli chicken and hawaiian mac salad.

yes, there is spam in the picture. i did not eat spam because i grew up eating it fried on white bread with mayo (and sometimes american cheese) several times a week. so, no. no spam for me ever. again.

i am chomping at the bit to try this huli huli chicken recipe though!


Andrea King said...

My Mom was a bookmobile librarian for many years. She drove it on curvy mountain roads with no guard rails to take books to small schools that didn't have their own books on site.

There's my related bookmobile story.

r4kk4 said...

that's really awesome! :D you mom kicks all kinds of ass!