Wednesday, July 01, 2015

small things

things might have turned a corner (*fingers crossed) so i feel like i can concentrate on small good things now. like these sakura stamps.

i've always loved the dc cherry trees. i have never been lucky enough to be there when they are blooming but, trust me, i will be soon. (i will also see the sakura in japan one day too, i hope.)

inside of the envelope with the stamps was an article about iceland.

the ponies, you know? (also one day i'm going to finally leave the airport in reykjavik. haha!)

have been watching a ton of "begin japanology". it's been helping me get over my tokyo broken heart.

hahahaha, no, it hasn't. not really. it has been helping me plan what i'm going to do on my next trip there though. i am definitely climbing a fujizuka.

until then, i will have to be content hanging out with a fujizilla though.

aw, what a dork.

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