Sunday, July 12, 2015

saturday was restful

with the break in the (not what would be considered a) heat wave (in any other part of the country) came a bit of peace. not so many hideous moss people were outside screeching so i hung out with a friend of mine.

reread to kill a mockingbird in anticipation of go set a watchman on tuesday. yes, i preordered. of course i did. mockingbird was just as important to me as it was to countless others.

i had forgotten how sad it was though.

i also read a book about tea kaiseki. well, mainly about tea kaiseki. it really made me want to go back to japan.


i would do almost anything to go back. in the mean time, however, i have to make do with more onigirazu

and a quick, tiny japanese style strawberry shortcake even though it's not christmas.

fun fact! the cake is leftover from when i made atomic cake earlier this summer. gotta' clean out the freezer, you see because HA i think we might have a moving date. FINALLY wish us luck, k? i'll totally keep you posted.

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