Thursday, July 16, 2015


this first picture has nothing to do with progress on the house. i was just excited that leff managed to find an actual honest to fucking god sweet tea.  delicious! refreshing! 

the progress in the title is referring to the no longer blue room. i have been painting, you see. the stairwell (not finished), the trim on the side door and this.

god, it's boring, isn't it? but, like i've mentioned, one must remove all signs of personality in a home if one is to sell it. those curtains are getting replaced, obvs. and the desk and lamp come with.

not that fucking garbage can though. i hate that garbage can.

if you'd like to see the other iterations this room has had since we moved here:  this is what it looked like when we first arrived (ick) and this is how it was for a long time.

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