Friday, November 27, 2015

even more photo purging

finally finished eating all of the dagashi pack 2.0 but haven't written the post yet. so, if you're waiting for that, please feast your eyes on the 30 pack of pizza umaibo that we picked up the other day. 

umaibo makes me crazy happy. so does this smooshy but tasty guava cake i whipped up yesterday.

 as much as i loathe the term, "self care" is at the forefront this winter. so! for arthritis and stress, it is home sento all the way.

see also: matcha lattes, hojicha, barbara pym books, each and every claire harman book, japan stuff channel, japan retro vending machine, deco cookie, himitsu no kenmin show, vitamin d and b12 pills, korean face masks and hanging out with fujiko.

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