Friday, November 13, 2015

kushiage night

nothing is quite so delicious after a long, sodden week than kushiage.

if you'd like to make it yourself, tips + dip recipes can be found in this episode of "dining with the chef" (highly recommend) but it's basically just meat (shrimp, pork) and veg (pearl onions, sweet potato, eggplant, mushrooms) that's been skewered,  seasoned with salt and pepper then dipped in tempura batter and rolled in panko.

our veg before

and our meat and veg after being pankoed.

it's fried at approx 335 degrees F for 2-3 min for veg and maybe 5 min for meat.

and it is DELICIOUS!!

goes well with a bowl of cabbage (not pictured) and lots of sapporo. KANPAI!!

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