Saturday, November 14, 2015

matcha beer

when you watch a lot of "japanology plus" you start to get ideas. ideas like "hey! that matcha beer looked really good! i should make it!" 

so of course i did because i had 1) matcha 2) a matcha whisk and 3) a can of sapporo. want to some yourself? follow these steps:

put some matcha in a bowl. this is maybe a heaping teaspoon. adjust to taste.

add a enough beer to create some nasty looking bubbly mess.


here it is looking much nicer.

pour into a glass.

add more beer and kanpai!

granted, this looks like some st patrick's day weirdness but it certainly tastes more refined than dyed beer. it's all grassy and slightly bitter. probably best on a hot day but, hey, that's true of most beer. would drink again!

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