Friday, November 27, 2015

shabu shabu!

remember that time that leff, rhys and i got shabu shabu? well, now when rhys visits, we will just make it at home.

that's right! today was shabu shabu day!! here are the veg and meat that we used.

i'll give you quick visual instructions but if you want written directions, pick up a copy of ono and salat's book as that is the recipe we used.

anyway, this whole delicious hot pot starts with kombu.

then softened mung bean noodles.

add veg.

add water.

bring to a boil!

then simmer.

now the fun part....MEAT!!!

if you can't get shabu shabu beef and/or pork, you can flatten out meat between sheets of plastic wrap until it is thin enough to cook quickly in boiling broth. i think this is the "dining with the chef" that demonstrates that technique. if it's not, sorry.

anyway! here is some of the beef!!!

and also pork!!

to say that i was internally screaming UMAI and also OISHII is not even doing this justice. shabu shabu is fucking amazing and one of my most favorite dishes in the world. please try this yourself if you can. even if you go out to do so. it is so, SOOO, so delicious.

tomorrow...ODEN!!! i am so glad that we are having hot pot!! :D

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