Thursday, November 12, 2015

what happened to date

christ, that took a while, huh? well, whatever. i am back now. and here are the leftover halloween pictures that i have. scrollscrollscroll and we'll get to some other things.

there is a new pop up bookstore in downtown bton. it seems nice but i had already read all of the books in stock that i was interested in reading.  shruggie, yeah?  i fully expect them to expand their selection. (keep in mind that i *was* there the second day they were open.)

so yeah, check them out if you are in the area. try to not be there when there are really loud dumbasses screeching about bigfoot tracking though. (oh please, do not ask. god.)

padre and my step mom went to charleston a few weeks ago. they kindly sent some benne wafers and a bag of grits!

the wafers are looong gone but the grits remain. i will prob be making cheese grits soon (and attempting to get over my aversion to their inability to exist in the singular form. you know, like jeans.)

found out that this much wakame

is actually quite a lot when it's reconstituted. so good though. so fucking good.

and that's about it. or at least that's what i'm willing to share pictures of.

leff and i have been thinking about having halloween late this year (last month was too busy for us to bother) since the family holiday season is really the scariest part of the year for us so, hey, maybe stay tuned for that. also, yes, will have dagashi 2.0 and the poppin cookin ramen set soon too. oh! and maybe there will be an izakaya thanksgiving post to look forward to!

it will totally be the prinny bomb.

check back soon.

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