Friday, April 29, 2005

all the small things

* i've heard the word "voila" (pronounced "waa-laa", of course) four times today and at least 15 other times this week. is there a new trend of mispronouncing french words of which i'm unaware? because i really need to jump on that bandwagonesque if there is.

* today memphis smells alternately of almonds and, strangely enough, log flumes. so i want to go to an amusement park and...uh, eat marzipan.


emdot said...

rakka -- i was just telling my mom about the waahlahh dealie and she said "what's worse is when you see people spell it that way in email." i said no way that happens. but she said yes yes, it happens spelled out w-a-l-a.

this explains how bush was reelected. we are officially a nation of idiots.

Le Garcon. said...

haven't seen the wala thing manifest itself into my reality yet, which is good (for me, i suppose). On a sidenote, i don't think i've ever visited memphis and had it smell of anything remotely attractive. Lucky day for you.

r4kk4 said...

aw, you're kidding, m!

wala?? like wala wala washington when one intentionally mispells it for comic effect?

crikey, says i!

lucky you, challenger! well concerning the "wala" version of voila. (might i add that i've heard it two more times since posting this? what gives??)

lucky me about the smell today is right! memphis has the worst odor of any city i've ever been to/lived in.

usually it smells like rancid dog food. you must have been here on one of those days.