Thursday, April 14, 2005

getting the book thrown at me


a while ago, allconsuming bit the dust. the official story is that the server crashed. well, after being rebuilt, now it just bites. all of the stuff that i liked about it, like, being able to group books into "currently reading", "completed", "never finshed", etc are just not there anymore. instead there is just the option of adding items to the list of things you are consuming.

this doesn't work for me. at all. so, goodbye allconsuming for good.

additionally, the memphis library web site is not letting me renew my books online. i should still have the option of renewing one time since i have no late fees. but nothing. no option.

i'm not entirely surprised by that. their site sucks like the la brea tar pits. (geddit?? tar?? sucks?? oh, never mind) it's just another tiny annoyance to add to the heap of tiny annoyances that make me want to renounce humanity and go live amoungst a mob of meercats. grrr!

(in case you were wondering, the great bookoff of 2005 is now at a total of 38 books read for the year. i'd like to be a little further along than i am, but, well, getting ready to move is zapping most of my energy.)

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Groc said...

talking o'books - it's Meme-time baby!

(from Grocklette)