Tuesday, April 05, 2005

on quitting work and weeping

today i turned in my two week notice a week before schedule. i'm pretty happy about it, esp since leff gives it the thumbs up.

i mean, really. i'm going to work at a place that can't tell me my work schedule until that very day?!? (ex: monday's schedule will be given to me on monday when i get there, tues on tues, etc.)

i'm all for keeping a flexible schedule buuuuut, no fucking way is that going to fly with me. i have to have some semblence of structure in my life.

now to the weeping part. it's not even remotely related to leaving el jobbo de craptitude. nope, it's allergies.

i'm only mentioning it here because i startled myself. (keep reading. it'll make sense in a minute.)

earlier this morning, i grabbed an armload of seattle travel guides from the library. i've been steadily working my way through them between flickr breaks.

i was reading a section on seattle's co-ops (plentiful, been around at least 50 years) when i found myself starting to tear up! (which is odd, because i don't cry unless maimed or...well, yeah, maimed pretty much covers it.)

and i thought "damn! i can't hate memphis THAT much, can i? and this isn't exactly the most beautifully, moving prose i've ever read about co-ops....what the hell??"

which is when i remembered that i've got the seasonal allergy thing going on.

heh heh.

well, ok, maybe you had to be there...


Nam LaMore said...

CONGRATULATIONS! it's always empowering to be able to make your own destiny. better to leave a job, then stay and be miserable. now, you have the opportunity to go to do something more fantastic.

oh, and about the allergy thing .. i have it, too, so i know exactly what you're going through. i just close all the doors when i'm inside, and when i go outside, well, i just have to remember to take my medications; flonase is my medication of choice.

r4kk4 said...

thanks, nam lamore!

that's my work philosophy to a t! i'm only selling time, not looking for a raison d'etre, right? work's work. when it gets to be too much hassle for the compensation i'm receiving, then i move on! hooray!

oh, you poor thing. allergies are the worst! my only problem is that i'm also allergic to antihistamine, so i can't take allergy meds. arrgh!

i'm drinking chamomile (spelling is wrong, i'm sure) tea right now and i've had lots of local honey, but it's not really working. oh well, grin and bear it, i suppose!