Monday, April 04, 2005

westward ho!

i really am feeling a bit like a westward (bound) ho these days since all i can think, eat or breathe is SEATTLESEATTLESEATTLE.

it can be a bit grating, so i've tried not to write too much about it. today i need to get some of the nervous energy out though, please bear with me.

i've always been a fan of not martha and, through her blog, i've found one of my new obsessions, seattle bon vivant.

oh, the glories that magnificent site has shown me!!

the farmer's markets, the festivals (bastille day (le quatorze juillet) is celebrated there!! if i say "bastille day" in this city (memphis), people look at me all mean and say "whudju just call me??" *sounds of knuckle cracking*), the fact that, last year, the americans for the arts study listed seattle as "hav[ing] the greatest number of arts businesses per capita amongst the country's 20 largest {metropolitain areas]", etc, etc, etc!!

why the hell didn't i move there in the '90's?? (oh, right, right, the whole grunge thing...heh heh! it's a joke. please don't hate me, seattle!)

where was i? oh yes. i'm completely spazzing out about moving. in a good way. i don't think i've been this excited about a move since i left b.f.e., tn for my first college town.

do i need to warn family members/close friends that i've started collecting boxes and checking out travel guides for the seattle/vancouver area?? nah, you've probably already figured it out by the glassy look in my eye and the dreamy way i say the words "washington state" and "canadian border" these days.

so, you know, bring me some pie (key lime, please) and help me pack. and i'll promise not to extoll the wonders of pacific northwest too much.


Santos said...

sweetie, the reason you didn't move there was because it pisses down rain 90% of the year, and it has the highest suicide rate amongst 24-34 year olds. but you are older now, you sing in the rain, and you laugh in the face of death.

r4kk4 said...


you're so right, chotda!!

Nyx said...

heehee, I'm so excited for you, looking forward to reading you observations on life in your new city! :)

r4kk4 said...

hee hee!! thanks, nyx!

it's not as exciting as moving to paris, but it's something.