Tuesday, January 10, 2006

i'm going on very temp sick leave

remember how i mentioned that it didn't rain here (seattle) all that much? uh huh, yeah, well, um...i think i might've been a bit premature in writing that.

we're now in the middle of 23 days and counting of rain with occasional bouts of rain. the record for most consecutive days of rainfall for the city (33 days) was set in 1953. if all of the meteorologists in king county are correct in their forecasts (and let's face it, 50 million elvis fans can't be wrong)(it's a "king" joke, get it?), we may be giving 1953 a run for its money.

that brings me to the point of this post. me and winter? never a good mix because of the lack of sunlight. me and winter with pretty much no sun for 23 days? it's becoming a bit of a problem.

i'm going to be hibernating for a while to recharge my batteries, bury myself in work and drink a hell of a lot of coffee. which means some time away from the keyboard.

don't fret, cupcakes. i'll still be going live with the etsy store next week. just not much blogging for a bit.

but here's a picture of a plastic virgin mary riding a papaya on a moving sidewalk to tide you over.

immaculate procession

it's an immaculate procession. sort of.

i told you that i really need to take a break. see you soon!


Lou said...

Get well soon, sickness sucks.

r4kk4 said...

thanks, lou!

it helped that it's stopped raining EVERY DAY!

i have a genetic predisposition that rears its ugly head when i don't get enough sunlight. doctors have been seen. ;D

michael said...

Take care. Hope you are soon revitaliused or whatever the word is!

r4kk4 said...

thanks, wp! :D!

i am feeling a bit better!

but now i've just found out that leff's mom is visiting from washington d.c. in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS so now i'm all tweaked out. HAHAHAH!!