Thursday, January 05, 2006

music for listening to with your ears

who have you been listening to so far in 2006? me, i'm super into lushy and buttersprites. which makes sense because they're related. (buttersprites bassist lunarre omura is also in lushy.)

the next buttersprites show is feb 18 @ the rendezvous and i'm absolutely going to be there esp since i missed them (and everyone else) at the rockrgrl conference. (although i did get to see a replay of some of the patty smith action on the seattle channel. (yes, i'm a goober for watching the seattle channel but i don't care. goobers are cool.)


Lou said...

I'm really digging the boy least likely to. They're great.

r4kk4 said...

those guys are tres cool! thanks for the link, lou!

they kind of remind me of the super furry animals without all the weed. HAHAHA!! ;D