Saturday, January 21, 2006

post -ern of late

why do i insist upon inflicting these titles on you?

since i'm feeling better now (although i reserve the right to retract that statement if i end up in the middle of 30 some days of rain again) i thought it might be nice to post something.

i'm not counting the etsy post as an entry, are you?

besides etsy i've not been doing much but sketching and getting ready for leff's mom to visit from d.c. (i won't go into details about it. let's just say that i've got two weeks to become perfect for the psuedo in-law. we can all laugh at the futility of that venture but i'm going to try. because i'm a masochist.)

but before i become ms. manners and martha stewart remixed and redux, let's get on with this post, shall we?

i've had a huge flirtation with cupcakes all week. it started when i visited leff at his office on monday. we had lunch at zack's(?? whatever the name, killer chicken sammich) and quickly followed it with treats from cupcake royale.


aren't they tempting? leff and i split a vanilla baby cake. here it is in the wild

wild baby cake

and a chocolate mofro (mofro = mocha frosting. deeeeliciuos! i can never get my mocha frosting to equal theirs.)

uplift mofro party plan

you'd think that those cupcakes would have been enough. nope. i made a batch of chocolate ones with meringue as icing later that week.

chocolate cupcake with meringue and hamster

and then, since i couldn't eat any more sugar, i drew a cupcake yesterday.

heart cupcake (for slogrl who will be missed)

i think that's going to become a print of some sort.

before we finish "the week in food" i'll mention the banana hello kitty cake

banana kitty cake

chotda sent me this kit when i was still living in memphis. i don't know why i hadn't made it yet because i love fake banana flavoring. it was, quite simply, wonderful. although i think i might be the only living person that might think so. i'm fairly certain that zombies might agree with me, however.

the weekend before all of this food, leff and i went to pacsci to see their annual model train show. (look, leff and i like models and dioramas, ok? there are stranger things to like, i just can't think of any right now...)

pacsci rocks. they have animatronic dinosaurs!


and a tropical butterfly room! (i think it's the warmest place in seattle. i know it was the warmest i've been since colorado. i heat, er, heart the butterfly room!)

butterfly, crazy lady, leff's back

(that's a photo of a butterfly on leff's hoodie. i love this photo because of the cracked out looking lady in the background. hee hee!)

speaking of photos of strangers, this one *still* makes me laugh!!

seattle peehawk

can you believe how good his aim is? *LAUGHING!!*

the day after pacsci, we hit the international district. yes, uwajimaya because of ramen, the best locally made tofu in seattle and the close proximity to kinokuniya which happens to have pinky st figures in stock!

pinky st

can i get a "EEEP! EEEP!" (yeah, that's not got quite so much street cred as asking for a "wha wha" or a "whoo whoo" but i want eeps, damn it!)

we also hit pink godzilla which is a retro gaming store (can i tell you how giddy it made me? me, giddy. 'nuff said!)

pink godzilla

and international model toys where leff got me one of the figumate figures!

one of the figumate vol 2 figures!

he got himself some cowboy bebop and thunderbirds figures as well.

speaking of toys, if leff ever wakes up, we're going to drop by okok today and check out their selection. (it's a hybrid gallery/cool stuff place. kind of like blue bottle.)

the same day as the international district, we meandered around pioneer square. i FINALLY made it to elliot bay books--- HUUUUGE! COOOL! OVERWHELMING! must go back later

also, same day, the seattle mystery bookshop. and, oh my goodness! vintage agatha christie books for 99 cents!

seattle mystery bookshop rocks!

did i mention a whole shelf of allinghams? and comfy chairs? and fake blood on the floor? *heaven!* perfect for crazy cat ladies such as me!


and on that note, i'm going to wake leff up. it's the grand reopening of the seattle asian art museum today and we've already missed the chinese lion dance. at this rate, we're going to miss the free coffee and taiko drummers too. silly old leff!

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