Wednesday, January 25, 2006

one short post in which i bitch very quickly

je suis fatigue. i am tired. ich bin ein berliner. no, hang on, i'm not a jelly doughnut. unless they're hella exhausted. in which case, berliner = me.

on top of exhaustion (which is directly caused by the pseudo in-law's pending visit)let's add a heaping helping of resentment because WAAAAAAH!! i'm going to miss the ddr4ever party. (grrr! + boo hiss! at the pseudo in-law's bad timing!)


(isn't that the greatest invite?)

i'm pissy, it's rainy and my left shoulder is all knotted up with stress. poor me. pity party, etc.

*storm cloud over head*

tomorrow we'll return to our regularly scheduled programming in which i don't have the smallest violin in the world accompanying me in the background. promise.

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