Sunday, January 01, 2006

aught diggity six

happy new year, everyone!


i hope you had a fantastic 2005 and are on your way to a super dooper 2006!

what did you do the last week of aught five? me, i've...

* finished 100 books for the year. i know that i said i was going to try to read 150 but moving cut down on reading time. my last book of '05 was dungeons and dreamers: the rise of computer game culture from geek to chic by brad king and john borland, a suitably geeky tome for the likes of me. (it's a good read too. if you're interested in the very direct role that d&d has played in game development from spacewar! to quake, pick this one up.)

next year i'm setting my goals a little lower by trying to read 100 books. i've almost finished lucky wander boy, hard boiled wonderland and the end of the world and cheng and eng so i'm off to a good start! (full reading list should be available at all consuming. i know that i said that last year but the bugs seem to be worked out now.)

* went to pike place market. i know, i know, it's so touristy, but i LOVE pike place market! i've been there three times since we've moved here and i still haven't been to all the stores. (mostly because all the tourists get in the way.)

the last market trip included pan au chocolat from la panier

pan au chocolat

mac and cheese from beechers. they aren't kidding. it IS the best mac and cheese in the world!

and a stop at the great wind up where i got this pink turtle. so cute!

prepackaged flan and a pink wind-up turtle

the flan was from one of the stores in post alley. i can't remember the name of it. sorry. but i will tell you that everytime we go to post alley, leff says either "welcome to diagon alley!" or "diegone-illey!" which makes me laugh. we're such harry potter geeks.

* forgot to call dr fusbender back yesterday. dr f, if you're reading, i'll call you today!

* went to archie mcphee's with leff and d.


we were holiday shopping. yeah, yeah, it's a little late for that. shut up. i still haven't mailed all of the cards yet either.

* had pizza at a great place in first hill. again, the name escapes me.

* ate some new year's noodles.

new year's noodles

yes, they're udon and not soba. i thought we had soba in the cupboard but we didn't.

* got the house in order for the new year. yes, it's true that i clean obsessively as it is but this is NEW YEAR'S CLEANING, people! it took me five hours.

today i'm making hoppin john. i'm boiling the black eyed peas right now. (i wish i could boil the other black eyed peas so they'd stop making "songs". (puking at the thought of lovely lady lumps))

what's in store for the new year? things. some big, some little. some new stuff too. but if i told you what i was planning on doing it wouldn't be a surprise and we'd all hate that since surprises are cool.

so, in summation, kick 2005 in the ass, baby! it's time for a new year!

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