Thursday, December 29, 2005

in further preparation

i'm locking down comments/notes/tags on all my flickr photos that are older than one month in preparation for the yahoo signin requirement sometime in 2006.

as you can see, i'm quite serious about abandonning flickr except as an old photo repository. (i'm keeping the account alive for photo storage only. i'll be breaking many, many links if i let it go at this point.)

it's a sad, sad day. but i'm sure i'll get over it.


jens~ said...

It would be nice to have numbers how many of the old flickeria have already transmogrified into Yahooista. And how many % of the flickr population nowadays they are.

I played a bit with Yahoo IDs and stuff, but it's still not flickr enough, and they want to know too much (and don't permit me to lie). So my account is also still flickr only, too.

You said it's sad. Sad it is indeed. But I'm still not convinced that they are really going to force us into Yahooism...

r4kk4 said...

i doubt that many early flickr adopters have gotten a yahoo id if they didn't already have one.

ESP when i read about how flickr and yahoo had bungled the early log ins. (they may have fixed this by now, i don't know.)

yahoo wants too much, you're absolutely right. and this is EXACTLY the reason that i'm not switching over.

i'm not so sure that flickr won't force the yahoo login. there was a statement somewhere made by stewart in which he said, in effect, that it was a waste of resources to be running both logins parrallel to each other. in essence, forcing the yahoo login and terminating the old, preferred flickr way.

(let me look for that blurb and i'll get back to you.)

i'm more than sad, i'm pissed. just because yahoo wants street cred, i'm having to give up a community that i, in my own small way, helped to grow.