Thursday, December 01, 2005

i lose my mind over my print gocco. you are there.

remind me to not update about the weather because it's now been snowing for about two hours. none of it is sticking, but still.

despite winter spittle, it's been a fairly good day. remember me going on and on about my gocco? you know, this beauty?

inside the gocco box!!!

well, today i made my first prints! and it was *SO* easy, i can't believe that i made prints! (seriously, printmaking likes to make me its bitch. and it often succeeds.)

here's a photo of what an one color inked up gocco master looks like.

inking the master

i adore that version of the robot! it makes me want to get out my oils and get messy.

and THIS is the photo showing orig drawing vs prints!


(you can view it larger by clicking on the photo and viewing all sizes, original, on flickr if you need to.)

the orig drawing is in the spiral sketchpad. i made the second drawing on top of it with the riso pen just to make sure that the image would transfer correctly to the master screen.

all of those other robots? they're prints! in total it took about 10 minutes! i'm totally hooked on the gocco now! it's so damn easy!

yeah, ok, there are smudges on some of the printed images but that's my fault. i've never been a clean printmaker since i don't necessarily view prints as a finished product. (it used to drive my prof, a master printmaker, quite mad. sorry again, wayne.) and i did cut off part of the image. but again, my fault for not correctly placing my drawing.

in summation, viva gocco!! long live gocco!!!


Lou said...

I think I want one. I think I do.

r4kk4 said...

you do want one!

drop what you're doing *RIGHT NOW* and go get one!