Tuesday, December 27, 2005

happy days of holi

so, how are your holidays going, gibblets? nursing a hangover? counting down the days until the new year when the whole holiday season will *finally* be over?

yeah, me too.

xmas day at casa rakkaleff went according to plan. SANS hitting my head, thankfully! although, i broke my toe again.

missile toe

but it's been broken and rebroken for four months now so no news there.

leff, d and i saw king kong

king kong

and it was good! (for those of you keeping score, the 1976 version of kong is the first movie that i remember seeing. i also auditioned to be an extra in 1986's "king kong lives" but i was told that i was too young. also also, whenever i watch "king kong vs. godzilla", a rock legend dies. (i watched it the day kurt cobain died and also the day that joey ramone died. spooooooky!! (haha)) so, yes, kong and i go way back.)

after kong, we headed to the international district for chinese food.

four seas

i got the vegetarian mu shu and it was fantastic! (note to self: we need some hoisin sauce.) leff got a garlic eggplant dish that was yummy but he ate all of the leftovers while he was waiting for the xmas "dr. who" to finish torrenting so i only ate a few bites of it. (the eggplant not the dr. who)

we're heading back to the id this week for vinyl. leff saw a toy store while we were searching for parking and even though we have a huuuuuuge order in at kid robot (which includes a pete fowler monsterism figure but i can't remember which one), one can never have enough vinyl.

one can't.

i'm not sure what's on the agenda for the rest of the week. (leff's on holiday so that means 'sploring.) maybe capitol hill? maybe freemont? maybe more drinking?

if i was placing bets, i'd go with more drinking by three lengths.

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