Tuesday, December 20, 2005

here are some words in english for you to read

ever have one of those days where you don't feel quite so cool? you know, like when you answer the door wearing a kerchief around your head all pirate style 'cause you've been cleaning and your mailman looks at you like you're some sort of freak, hands you a package and asks if you're from england?

of course not, kitten. this could only happen to me.

i had managed to shake off that not so cool feeling (which is totally different than that not so fresh feeling) until the ups lady delivered a package right when i'd been eating a blue stick of candy. so when i answered the door not only were my teeth and tongue blue but also part of my lips. i tried to mumble my way through the entire thing hoping that she wouldn't notice, but she kept smirking and staring quizzically right at my pthalo stained mouth so i was forced to show her the blue candy stick lest she think i had some weird sort of smurf related dental problem.

so totally not cool.

but enough about me, let's talk about things. cool things. like this hk radio

hk radio from leff's mom!

leff's mom got it for me for thanxmaskwanzikah. i love it! and the package that it came in was fun to play with too!

kitty blue

while we're looking at aqueous things, you simply MUST see the snowglobe that vaguely artistic sent to me!


omg! isn't it beautiful?

while we're on the subject of things sent in the mail, i'll show you all of the other rockin' things that arrived via post this week!

a fantastic mix cd and holiday card from wasted papiers!



wp is a mixmaster extraordinaire!

larry dimick sent a cuuute card with gentleman deery me included!

gentleman deery me is the red chap hanging out with luther and the playmobil deer. it's a good thing that ld found him because, according to her, he'd always wanted to live in seattle! what luck!

i also got this silvertastic card from t eh shed.


and it don't know how he did it, but he managed to send holiday greetings from not only his cat but also his as yet unborn son! shed's channeling abilities must be B3Y0ND L33T!!!

ok, enough about things. i have been doing other stuff besides being on package patrol lately. really, i have.

like, i proclaimed my love of cup noodle all hardcore style.

cup noodle, bitches!

and i ate some vegetables because i cut cute shapes out of them.

bunny carrot

and i finished addressing all the holiday cards

effing FINALLY!

but i haven't mailed all of them yet. yes, i suck.

also, i ate at cafe minnie's


but i didn't eat their holiday decorations. i had an omlet called the clara bow. for some reason, clara bow tastes like chicken.

ok, so in retrospect that's not a lot. but i've been on the phone, like, nonstop, velvetcakes, because it's the holiday season and people like to talk during the holidays. and i've been reading, like, a lot because i only have ten more days left in 2005 to read 150 books. (it's not going to happen. i'm at 96 tomes and counting right now. hey, the move kind of cut down on my available reading time. shuddup!)

and, i know i did something else. grocery shopping? buying toys at tower? standing in line at the post office even though i only needed stamps because i forgot to bring my debit card and the automatic stamp machine doesn't take cash?

yeah, that last one. definately, the last one. le sigh...

k, it's that time for me to awkwardly end this post. so, uh, smell you later? don't take any wooden nickels? (who the fuck manufactures wooden nickels? i mean, is that even fun in a novelty way? wooden nickels are *SO* 1934. *eyeroll*)


Gary Freedman said...

Super Cool Blog!!

r4kk4 said...


but, seriously, i can't be cool because of pirate kerchief thing and the blue mouth thing and....

the list could go on.... ;D