Friday, December 23, 2005

words! i got words! get your hot words!

still on package patrol. last night's holiday bootay brought, among other things, a panda z from leff's dad.

panda z hearts tokyo

panda z loves tokyo circa the 1980's. i think he'd like it now too but i couldn't find a current photo of toyko in our library.

and my padre sent seasons 5 and 6 of seinfeld complete with a puffy shirt! EEEEP!


d just invited leff and me to a sparkly, tinkly new year's party so i have to get a new party frock and some new shoes. i haven't bought a party dress in a while (look, live in memphis and baltimore. see if the need for fancy party clothes ever comes up. i assure you, it won't.)

i don't normally get excited about clothes shopping but, for some reason, i'm absolutely hepped up (without goofballs) about getting some grown up dressy clothes!

seriously, between the new couch and this new outfit, i don't even know myself anymore.

(that would be a joke. i know, humor might've helped you recognize it as such.)

xmas will be spent the same as every year. pizza in the morning, lots and lots of booze, my annual whacking of the noggin (i hit my head *really* hard every xmas. it's the tradition that i try to avoid but, alas, concussions and xmas seem to go hand in hand. must be the booze....). then some rest (i just hit my head, remember?), the familial phone call, a movie (this year, king kong!) and chinese food.

ah, the perils of being raised methodist. (add a wink, a nudge and we're out, people!)

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