Thursday, December 01, 2005

colds taste like cherry

they do. because at the first sign of a cold, i take zinc. and the zinc i take tastes like cherry.

why do i mention it now? because i've caught leff's cold. thanks, leff. *shakes weakened fist at leff*


michael said...

Weve had bad colds too over the last week or so- hard to shake off- still sneezing and snuffling! Havet tried zinc but our medicine cabinet is groaning with packets of pills and potions that would put Diagon Alley to shame!

r4kk4 said...

oh no!! i hope that you're feeling better!

hahah!! my med cabinet was full of tinctures and herbals too until we moved. (i'd "inherited" all of the meds from one my exbfs who left memphis for atlanta and didn't want to move them.)

but zinc is TOTALLY worth trying! groc told me about it last year and, to date, it's kept me from getting eight colds. THANKS, GROC!!