Friday, December 09, 2005

de.lic.ious might start tasting like crap

you probably know this but in case you didn't, yahoo bought

you can defend yahoo to me until the cows come home or whatever other little phrase you'd like to use to designate that a significant amount of time has passed, but i won't buy it. because i've seen what happens when yahoo purchases a company--it quickly turns to shit.

*cough* flickr *cough*

yeah, i coughed it. flickr annoys the fuck out of me these days and that makes me sad because it used to be wonderful.

oh well, de.lic.ious was tasty while it lasted. i hope this merger doesn't leave a bitter taste in everyone else's mouth.


Lou said...

I know what you mean.

docflo said...

what exactly annoys you about flickr?
and what makes google better (seeing as you have a blogger-blog)?

r4kk4 said...

let me here you testify, lou! ;D

lots and lots is annoying me about flickr, docflo. the fact that i'm going to have to have a yahoo signin next year being number one.

also, it's gotten too big.

plus, it's been hella buggy lately. that, i'm sure, can be chalked up to the expodential growth but it's still annoying as fuck when i'm used to not having to deal with server lagtime.

also, also, interestingness. it was interesting for one day.

which also brings up the photopimpers. those folks are annoying. tagspam is irritating.

and the comments have gone downhill (i'll attribute that to newbies that don't know better than to "nice photo" everyone to death.)

flickrblog has become a joke. did you see the post about how many different ways that heather loves stewart? *gag*

and it's become tres difficult to upload from mobile devices within the last month. i typically have to resend many, many time.

what's wrong with yahoo? everything.

google mentality is much better, imho. watching yahoo play catch-up (i.e. googlizing themselves) and acquiring everything that i used to use on the web has been *very* annoying.

additionally, i will *NOT* give out my credit card information so that "age may be verified". utter bullshit. so i'll be letting my flickr account go when i have no option of how i sign in. i'm hoping that i'll be able to drive traffic to another photo sharing site so that i'll be able to rebuild the community that i helped establish early on.

r4kk4 said...

oops! hereing you might be weird, lou. hearing you makes more sense. ;D

Lisa B. said...

Hey, I posted a photo to 23 ... and the promptly forgot all about it. But I'm willing to post more if we could make it as fun as Flickr has been.

BTW, full disclosure: I've just been ... bought by Yahoo

But I wanna say, I don't mind people saying "nice photo" in my comments ...

r4kk4 said...

i'm holding out for leff's special secret project to go live, pants. ;D

OOPS!! i think that i might've mentioned more than i'm supposed to! so, you know, SHHHHHHHH!!

motherfucker! you sellout! how could you?! i hope that you were paid handsomely for contributing to yahoo's bid for street cred. ;D

ok, nice photo's fine but not in the middle of a pun off, you know? it kind of disrupts the flow.

and it makes it difficult to talk to you, his grocness and andi panda when you've already got 50 billion "this is pretty!"s from the newbs. ;D

Lisa B. said...

Maybe my problem is that I don't post enough ugly photos ... I'll go looking for some right now ...

r4kk4 said...

yeah, uglify your stream.

but you've forgotten that there's no way for you to do that. because you photog good! me lika your photos! :D!

Lisa B. said...

shux thanks!

r4kk4 said...

aw, you're welcome!

crunchcandy said...

I feel kind of the same about flickr right now, but at the same time feel like i'm part to blame for it because for a while now i've been telling everyone to get a flickr account, and then I wonder why I never keep up to date with what my old favourites are doing. I'm fed up of wading thru millions of photos, but I don't want to cut people out...filters filters...

r4kk4 said...

you shouldn't blame yourself, cc. i blame all of the mainstream press that the site got. (and still gets, apparently.)

i'm *so* close to being able to move to the new site that i want. private beta is starting soon. as soon as it's public, i'll post about it. then we can all move on from flickr and let the latecomers have it.