Thursday, December 15, 2005

some more words and some more pictures

i think i might hire the robocommenter to handle all blog entries until after the holidays.

anyway, "what's the story, morning glory?" you might ask if you were still listening to that oasis cd. which, uh, i was this morning. shut up.

leff got us a new monitor.

new monitor!

you can't tell from the photo but it's a 19" flat screen swively model. and it's wonderful! our old monitor had gone all fuzzy and would buzz and get lines on the screen until you hit it, so we really needed a new one.

we're now using the old monitor as a coffee table until we can get it recycled.

what we're doing with the old monitor

hopefully, we'll be doing that soon. we might have to buy it a bus pass since the thing's so huge.

i saw narnia!


i wasn't disappointed! nope, not one bit! tumnus looked exactly as i'd always imagined him and i'm in LOVE with tilda swinton. (she's, like, the most beautiful woman! and i just found out that she's playing nico in the new movie about, well, nico. could this MAKE me any happier? (the answer to that would be "no" in case you can't stand rhetorical questions.))

here's another photo of some pocky that i ate so i can kind of segue into something else.

another pocky shot

the black sesame pocky may be my favo(u)rite ever.

yesterday was nice in small ways. the bus to upper queen anne had a busted meter so it was free ride all day. (not that $1.25 u.s.d. is going to break the bank. remember, these are nice small things)

i also discovered that there really is an hono(u)r system at the uqa branch library. i was checking out my books and one of them wouldn't show up on the computer. i asked the librarian what i should do since the chip wasn't reading and he said "oh no, see, there isn't an rfid chip in books with this sticker (*pointing to an orange sticker on the side of a book*). we don't keep track of these. just take as long as you need with the book and bring it back when you're finished."

i guess i looked really stunned or something because he just laughed at me and said "yeah, it surprises people to know that we have an hono(u)r system like that. but we haven't had problems with the books not being returned." see, another small, nice thing.

i can't remember what else happened that was nice. maybe it was sunny or something.

i finally made holiday cards!

bunnies in the oven

yeah, they're in the oven. fujiko likes to walk on wet ink. she thinks it's funny to have different colo(u)red paws or something.

will i have the cards mailed before the holidays are over? probably not since i haven't even mailed out the stupid mix cds of mine but you never know. i might find some time to run to the post office when i'm not doing something else.

which means, try not to expect your cards or cds until feb. and then try not to expect valentine's cards until some time around june. i work on the lunar calender or maybe some ancient one that predates the roman one. so, again, shut up.

ah, looks like i've come full circle by demanding that you shut up so perhaps i'll stop rambling now. i've got to write another to do list and do some of the things on it and then feel guilty about not completing some of the other tasks.

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