Wednesday, December 07, 2005

more updates and stuff

looks like it's been a while since i've updated this thing. sorry about that. i've been oot and aboot as my canadian exbf used to say.

he said other things as well but "oot and aboot" was the best.

let's see...what's new? well, d and i went to the dog park that's on lake washington last week.

a better pic of the dog park

it was *so* much fun i can't even tell you! the dog park is huge and there are lots of cute puppies running around wagging their little tails!

i met this guy


at the shoreline. isn't he beautiful? he almost made me want a dog! that is until he licked the lid of my coffee mug. bastard dog!

the same day as the dog park, d and i also went to burgermaster. i got a banana shake because i love artificial banana.


an aside: most places in seattle that serve fries/chips also serve tartar sauce regardless of whether or not they also happen to serve fish. because almost everyone in seattle eats their fries/chips with tartar sauce. this is a local custom that i have adopted as it's quite tasty.

also in the same day, d and i went to archie mcphee, more archie mcphee, cookies where i got more cutters like this one

luther and the new fawn check out the new stag cookie cutter

(not pictured are the letter "x" and a small elephant cutter)

and we also managed to go to cupcake royale where i got one of their winter seasonal cupcakes. (a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese icing! *fainting*)

another aside: have i mentioned that life in seattle is, like, super hectic? i sometimes feel like all the dead time that i've had until now has suddenly been repaid in full. with interest. it wears me out. seriously.

j is now a katamari damacy convert since he came over for chocolate chip banana bread and games the other night. (yet another aside: i'm extremely jealous of j at the moment as his father used to own a showbiz pizza and, as a result, j got UNLIMITED TOKENS when he was little! *seething with jealousy!*)

oh! a hearty CONGRATS to the jam master j as he got third in a juried show! AND he sold the piece!! so, rock rock on, jp!! youse da man!!

uh, ok, where was i? sometime leff and i managed to squeeze in a trip to upq (upper queen anne) and all i can say is "wah??!?" because there's an assload of stores and food places that we didn't know about because we didn't finish walking down the ave the last few times we'd been up there. (we're a bit stupid sometimes.)

there's a great little toy store up da hill that has a rather large selection of playmobile. leff got an astronaut and i got an anthropomorphic rabbit that came with a chicken and a deer.

luther meets a new fawn

the solid brown deer, not the one with spots. the spotted one would be luther. perhaps you know of luther?

and on sunday, leff, d and i made it to uwajimaya (persimmons $1.29 a pound!!! reverse pocky!!! yummy house bakery!!! *SHRIEKING*!!!) and i heart rummage.

i heart rummage

i didn't buy anything at rummage this time since i'm currently low on funds but i got a lot of business cards so i can order later!

also i've somehow managed to get addicted to "the gilmore girls" and the first sly cooper game and i've almost finished reading got game: how the gamer generation is reshaping business forever by john c. beck and mitchell wade and what video games have to teach us about learning and literacy by james paul gee.

i'm such a nerd.

today i'm making more chocolate chip banana bread and trying my hand at ina garten's twist on julia child's apple tatin because we got some granny smith apples in the organic produce shipment last week and i don't feel like baking an apple pie. because that would be all american and stuff.

oh, one last thing, pants is on the radio tonight 8-10 pm est. i'll leave it up to you to figure out what that might be for your time zone. (i'm having a hard enough time subtracting three hours to get my own time zone correct.)


Lou said...

You might like Everything Bad is Good for You by Steven Johnson. It's pretty bad (meaning good).

r4kk4 said...

aw yeah! it was pretty good! thanks, lou!

those two video game books that i mentioned were some of the primary sources for steven johnson's game chapter. sadly, i can't recommend either of them to you as one is a business book (yaaaaawn!) and the other hasn't gotten to the literacy part of its title yet.

i'll let you know how it goes with joystick nation once it gets shipped from the library.

but i can tell you this! don'tDON'T DON'T read "zap! the rise and fall of atari" (i think that's the title) it was written before the super nes and the internet came out. and it's not been updated.

on second thought, read zap! it's funny. the predictions that he makes are sometimes hysterically funny. but his writing style sucks.