Friday, December 16, 2005

home cake and the new mystery cake

hey, ducks! i know that i mentioned in november that i'd be making a mystery cake and then, horror of horrors, i failed to come through. but this time, i'm not yanking your chain. tonight by 9 pm pst d and i will have made a new cake for her friend's bday party!

see, we even went to home cake to get some honest to goodness cake supplies.

home cake

home cake rocks. the only two downsides are that it's small and veeeeerrry crowded. but everything you need is in the space and the lady that owns it is very knowledgable and helpful so i'm not complaining.

we got a REAL CAKE PAN!! some piping bags, REAL food dye (as opposed to the crap you can get at the grocery store) and some edible glitter.

yes, edible glitter! no, i won't tell you what i'm using it for. just wait a little longer, honeycake, it'll make sense soon.

we've already baked the two halves of the cake. here's the batter from last night.

start of a myyyyyyyyysteeeeeryyyy caaaaaake

it's a chocolate guinness cake! we used this recipe. the batter was fantastic! i'm going to make a batch of cupcakes using the same recipe because 1) we need two cupcakes for the candles 2) i want a guinness chocolate cupcake.

k, i'm off until later. i have to crumb coat the two cake halves, make the aforementioned cupcakes and do dishes before d gets here to help decorate the cake. also i have to figure out how the hell to transport the beast once it's finished. (the cake, not d. d's not a beast! silly person!)

updates coming as available. i think this cake is gonna' rock!

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