Wednesday, November 30, 2005

doe-jo, collage and harry potter

looks like i got my dojo workin'


because i made a new collage today for scrapiteria!


it's for the topic "dance" and is titled, rather appropriately "lapdance". (*whispering* because they're dancing on lapland...geddit? *sighs audibly*)

last night d, leff and i went to see "harry potter and the goblet of fire" at the pacific science center.


no, that's not harry potter. those are the arch things outside of pacsci. silly rabbit!

i think that "goblet" is my favorite hp movie to date. i won't discuss it here on the front page in case there are people who haven't seen it (or read the book), but if you want to talk potter, meet me in the comments.

pacsci had the greatest set up for seeing the movie. it was imax and they'd decorated the entrance to the theatre with a fake stone wall and a hogwarts coat of arms! d told me that there was also a moaning myrtle in the women's restroom too which means that i'll have to see the movie again just so i can check it out!

and a quick weather update: no snow in seattle! HOORAY!!!!


michael said...

We saw Hairy Pooter and the Foblet of Gire on Saturday at the Regal. Its a great old 30's art deco place here in Northwich with 600 seats. So glad they havent turned it into a multi-plex. The place was three- quarters full of screaming kids but thankfully they settled down when the film started! It was a bladder stretching 2hours and twenty minutes but flew by- a great film and the best yet! Shame old HP is such a rubbish actor. MInd you , so many other good english actors in it , including the new Dr. Who ! who seems to get everywhere these days.

r4kk4 said...

OMG!! the regal sounds FANTASTIC!!!

you know, i didn't even notice that the movie was that long! haha! crazy, huh?

i was a bit miffed about not getting to see the quiddich world cup, but whatever.

do you really hate hp as an actor that much? i like ron better, mind, but i do have a weakness for redheads. ;D!

oh, and i can't WAIT to see the new doctor in action!!

Dr_Ripper29 said...

dude that movie kick ass!! Can not wait till new one comes out. its alot better when you see it in a imax. Well sweetie take care love ya. ripp

Anonymous said...
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