Sunday, November 13, 2005

frost bites and bizarres

i'm making progress on the frost bites cd!

frost bites cd exchange

please note, however, that the cover drawing may change.

in other news, i may or may not be involved in some crafty bazaars, or as they are actually called "bizarres", very soon. i'll let you know dates and times if you'd like to drop by and say hello.

also, my etsy store should be up this week? i hope. and i'll probably have another site for you to visit that's straight up artwork and none of this rambling crap that you read here. (but it's a different artwork site than the other one i've mentioned.)

soonish. tres soonish.


jens~ said...

Weatherforecast forecasts snow (don't believe it), but a good time to think about frost bites mixcd making.
I think I'll mix a cd, too.

No agrheafgs were hurt by leaving this comment.

r4kk4 said...

EEEEP!!! that's so WUNDERBAR!!!

jens' mixes are the best in the world!! :D!!!!