Thursday, November 03, 2005

still hectic

it's still hectic at casa rakkaleff. so i'll keep this short and listlike. which means, things i have found out this week.

* we are scientists aren't half bad. scroll down a bit and watch the videos (particularly the great escape). you don't really have much choice as most song links on the page are broken.

* if you accidentally swallow a tiny amount of diluted hydrogen peroxide, you will not die. (*eyeroll at self*)

* herbal essances citrus lift actually works. hooray for not having to use pantene goopy spray!!

* my new coat rocks eight ways til tuesday. (you read that right. i bought a coat! and i'm getting a scarf next week!)

* when there is a large concert at key arena, your neighborhood will be inundated by people waiting for the show to start. these people will not know how to properly walk on a sidewalk. you will want to kill them.

additionally, rolling stones fans seem to fall into two categories-- 1) hopelessly clueless old people 2) hopelessly clueless teenagers

additonally, additionally, i am not looking forward to the paul mccartney concert at the key.

* we love katamari is good!

* gamefly's fast return system rocks!

* i love mochi green tea ice cream treats!

* long text posts always need a picture!

candy pumpkins

* i love persimmons!

* i can't wait for my, now, seven day headache to stop!

ok, time to hike up to upper queen anne. maybe something interesting will happen and i'll have time to write about it!

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