Thursday, November 17, 2005

i ramble like a house on fire

seattle is a busy place.

this week one of leff's old college buddies came into town from new mexico. (i thought that he was going to be here last month but i was wrong.) his wonderful sister lives here and we've all been hanging out. (i'll probably continue to hang out with d as she has a weekly "america's next top model" bashing and drink-a-thon and is, in fact, quite a crafty and wonderful person!) (that's not to say that m isn't cool too, because he is! he just doesn't live in seattle.)

sunday night we went to the hideaway for general booze and talking. it was quite fun.


the hideaway serves cocktails but cock is part of cocktails so i took a picture to illustrate that fact. because i am twelve.

tuesday night d and i went to see juliette and the licks (warning: lots of unwanted music on site. click at your own risk.) at easy street records.


aw, it's juliette lewis.

the licks aren't half bad. i'd recommend catching their live show. (i originally only went to get the milk king an autographed cd for his birthday (he luuuuuuuuurves juliette lewis) but i ended up liking the band. hooray for me!)

afterwards, there was more drinking and talking at casa rakkaleff. it took me a day to recover because, as i'm discovering, i'm old and cannot imbibe as i used to. *sadness*

tonight stace-o-rama gets in from st. louis. i know she won't like them, but i'm going to talk her into seeing the clorox girls at easy street. because, frankly? i'm addicted to e.s. in store shows now.

stace being in town means lots and lots of seattle sightseeing. so, you know, stay tuned for that. if you want.

what else is new? hmmm...well, i just bought a print gocco and i'm hella excited since it's like silkscreening only without the pain in the ass of exposing a screen with a light bulb.

and i got a copy of the new wolf parade cd. it is muy, muy wonderbar!

and joyce sent me some back issues of giant robot and some kick ass atcs and the greatest dvd ever! (i'll have to take a photo. soon, i promise!)

and li hua gave me a TON of rice paper (which, you know, is a LOT of rice paper considering how light it is!) including a roll that used to belong to her grandmother! oh, it's so wonderful because now i have a lot of paper to use with my new gocco! *intense, glowy happiness!*

and, and, and....well, i'm sure there's a lot more but i'm in the middle of doing laundry and making a pot of cream of jerusalem artichoke soup and roasting some peppers. so i think i'll just /end here.



michael said...

Sounds like a busy and fun time. I think the Gocco investment is a good move. I had great fun with it when my Gocco chum Mark Pawson of "Print More Postcards" fame came over and we printed off 500 postcards of my design for his travelling Gocco project last year ( or the year before maybe?) I can see you using it to utmost advantage Rakka!

r4kk4 said...

it's been a LOT of fun! but too much fun makes me sleepy.

i'm like a happiness narcoleptic or something. (i wonder if that's really a disease... ;D!)

i cannot WAIT to try out the gocco!! the shipping's been delayed because of our holiday (thanksgiving) but i should have it by the weekend!! EEEEP!!