Tuesday, November 15, 2005

geek like me

you would've thought that i'd realized it by now. i mean, maybe the fact that i make video game cakes and jack o'lanterns would've tipped me off. but no, i was all delusional thinking that those things and sketching out a level of frogger for a friend's baby quilt were really quite normal.

it wasn't until this morning when i became obsessed with how to destroy rfid chips in u.s. passports that it dawned on me.

i....am a geek.

but this isn't a bad thing. in fact, there's a call for submissions on that very topic. (that topic being women and geekery) (link via boingboing)

so, you know, if you're a geek like me and, also like me, of the female persuasion, go ahead and submit your 3,000-6,000 well honed words. the deadline's jan 15th, 2006.

but now on to more important things. can any of you tell me if i can microwave a passport without setting it on fire?


Lisa B. said...

OK, now you've made me go google the phrase "rfid chips in u.s. passports" ...

r4kk4 said...

and did you find out that it's a fucking retarded idea?

because it is. a fucking retarded idea.

btw, d says you should be able to microwave a passport as long as you put some water in them microwave with it. and the microwave should destroy the chip.

Irregular Shed said...

I'd be careful with those microwaves. You could get sparks off any metalic parts (like staples) which could scorch the passport. If they have any form of foil strip, like bank notes do, you could have a little strip of sparkly fire.

My suggestion - keep it in a wallet completely lined with a few layers of tin foil. Or, if the position of the antenna is obvious (like the tags in books you get from the library), cut through the antenna with a very sharp scalpel in several places. RFID tags derive their power from the antenna, and broadcast their data with them as well. Mung up that and it will do a pretty good job of neutering it.

r4kk4 said...

oooooh!!! tin foil!! what a fantastic idea!

i don't know if the antenna's raised like in library books or not, shed. i haven't seen a passport with the chip yet. (they're starting the process in oct of next year.) i'm just trying to get ready.

oh, i also need a reason for why my chip won't work when i go through intl borders. do you think "the dog ate it" would work? HAHAH!