Friday, November 25, 2005

nachoes, mashups, deer, pocky

happy day after thanksgiving! i hope you had plenty of antacid at hand!

just to make you hungry again, here's a photo of my thanksgiving feast.

thanksgiving dinner!

aaaah, nachoes! aaaah, quesadillas! i give thanks for maize and laugh at that joke at the same time. (even though it tends to be an inside one with myself.)

i just got my hands on a copy of "me and this army", the remix/mashup of radiohead that's on all the internets right now. i like!! i really like! (but i superheart radiohead so i'm more than a bit biased. (oh the version of "creep"! it's so fucking special! i wish i was special!!)) i'd link to a torrent here, buuuuuuut i'm a bit afeared of the riaa these days.

there's more fawn-a at my house. i'm sure i mentioned finding a plush deery lou at uwajimaya. well, now here's photographic evidence.

oh deer oh deer oh deer

oh, and here's the pocky shot i've been promising.

lotsa pocky

imho, the melon flavor is the best of the lot. but don't eat the chocky erasers. eeeew, plasticy!

and now i must brave the potential crowds at the grocery store since i'm out of soda and i neeeeeed soda. i'm hoping that all of those insane day after thanksgiving shopping people are at the mall and not at safeway. that's a safe assumption, right?

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