Monday, November 21, 2005

my favorite letter is "zzzzzzzzzzzzz"

hi, everyone!

me as the catbus

it's been quite a week! as you may or not remember from a previous post, one of leff's college buddies came into town this past week. what i might not have mentioned is that our mutual friend from baltimore who now lives in st louis, was also in town the same week! eeeep!

i loved visiting with everyone but i should have heeded the magic 8 ball in this photo.

stacie 8

when i asked "will i get a pony for xmas?" it replied "you will be very, very tired on monday. now stop asking me questions!"

rude little magic 8 ball.

but it was right. it's now monday and i'm exhausted. why am i so exhausted? well, just keep reading and you'll see!

one of the first things that we did when stace got into town was head to twice told tales, the used bookstore in queen anne with three cats. we're all book nerds so all three of us (that's leff, me and stacie) spent about two hours perusing.

we were there so long that the cats did some catrobatics on stacie.


according to miss s, the bookstores in st. louis are shit so she bought $150 worth of used paperbacks. which is funny when you consider that she had to repack her bag. several times.

friday also saw a trip to ballard where we ate at thaiku,

thaiku deer

(uh, that's a wooden deer head at thaiku. the food was so good that i ate it before i realized that i hadn't photographed it.)

had cupcakes at cupcake royale

lavender cupcake

(that would be a chocolate cupcake with lavender icing. mmmmm!)

and made a pitstop at cookies, a cookie supply store with every cookie cutter shape you can imagine! (there's a skull and crossbone one that i MUST go back for!)

rabbit in cat

i got a cat, a rabbit and a star. the star's not in the photo.

i told the owner of cookies that i'd found her shop through, i think, not martha and she seemed pretty happy about it. when i told her that i was going to blog her too, she gave me a sticker.

if you need a weirdly shaped cookie cutter, some cool sprinkles or anything else for cookies, go to cookies, the store. they'll have it.

and i'm not just saying that because she gave me a free sticker and changed a dollar for me so i could catch the bus. seriously, i'm not.

oh! how could i forget! we also went to archie mcphee where stacie plunked down around $200 and i got these creepy things.

pink and creepy

they'll eat whatever's left over of your baby that the dingo didn't eat.

oh, uh, here are some at-ats.


so that was friday. and now here's saturday!

let me just start by saying that we unwittingly went to the univeristy of washington's campus on the fucking day of the apple cup

stacie's thinking about applying for jobs (she's almost finished with her phd) and i'm thinking about grad school at the udub. buuuuut the apple cup crowd changed my mind. because, you know, i'm weary of drunken undergrads. i was one myself for waaaaaay too many years and i'm quite bored with it now, thanks.

anyway, udub. it's a pretty campus! and they have a building just for mean people.

the hall 4 meanies

for lunch, we were going to eat at the ethopian resturant in the area. but after walking about 20 blocks (and i should mention that at about block 15 i rebroke my toe by stepping on the sidewalk the wrong way. *anger!* *pain!*) we found out that the place had closed. like, closed for good.

but we did find the vegan pizza joint that leff wanted to try and the chinese tapas place that we'd read about. plus the buffalo exchange where i got a much needed scarf. so i can't complain too much. (but my toe still hurts.)

later that night we had the "indian food debacle aught five" where every indian place we tried was closed. but not, like, closed for good. just not open. so we ended up getting thai again. this time at phucket.


yes, phucket. but you don't really pronounce it that way.

and that was saturday.

sunday was a half day for me since i had to work. we went to the international district which, of course, means uwajimaya and kinokuniya but will now alwaysalwaysalways include something from yummy house bakery.

their pastries are to die for!! and they're reeeeeeally inexpensive! just don't forget to bus your table when you're finished.


should i mention how much stacie spent at kinokuniya? *cough* $155 *cough* have i mentioned that she had to repack her bag? several times?

leff and i got lots of stuff at both places, most notably the aforepictured catbus shirt, a plush deery lou and some fantastic pocky!! but i don't have photos of the pocky and deery lou yet, so you'll just have to live with some shots from inside uwajimaya.

maneki neko

nurse ellie

this shrimp's kung fu is better than yours.

kung fu shrimp

stacie and leff went to capitol hill that afternoon and it sounded like lots of fun. but i'll let leff tell you about that since he was there.

oh! and a friend of mine let us tour the children's museum after it was closed. they had a painting of a deer.


it's all staggy and stuff.

stacie left at 3:45 am today (monday) and now i'm utterly exhausted. so i'm going to take a nap (after i clean the dishes and make dinner and buy cat food and pick up some books from the library and move the car again and figure out the thanksgiving menu, i need to hire a personal assistant!)


Miss Fae said...

You have no idea how much i enjoy your photos and blog. It's all for the best, I supose. But i imagine, that one day, you will take me out for a lavender cupcake and i will tell you all about the Ghibli Museum

r4kk4 said...

oh *blushing!!!* thank you so much!! :D!

you TOTALLY know we're getting cupcakes and coffee and you're telling me about the museum, right? :D!