Tuesday, January 24, 2006

keyboard confessional

ok, i have a confession to make. i've been thinking about joining a roller derby team since leff and i were looking into austin in '04. shut up! don't laugh! (ok, you can laugh. but, you know, try to keep it down, ok?)

i've been talking about this mania of mine with leff lately, esp during commercial breaks for rollergirls and while he's concerned about two things 1) my busted-up knee and 2) the fact that i don't heal very quickly, he's down with it.

i also mentioned it to cb today and, yes, he can see me doing roller derby too. (esp since we used to skate together. he was much better than me, btw.)

so, given these votes of confidence(sometimes, my own is not enough)i've decided to start training for tryouts. not this year though! omg, no way! i haven't skated in YEARS and i need some time to relearn that skill! but if there are tryouts for the rat city rollergirls next year, i'm going to be there.

i probably won't make the team, in fact, i'm fairly certain that i won't, but at least i'll try.

and won't that be a lovely thing to write home to padre about. hahaha!

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