Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Homemade Orange Creme Pop Tarts

Ever since reading this review I have been craving Orange Cream Pop Tarts.

This is problematic since I'm currently super broke (for real. I can't even afford to buy a box of Pop Tarts for Christ's sake) . Obviously, I can't afford a plane ticket either so I won't be making it to Pop Tarts World any time soon. The only option left (other than just not satisfying the craving which, um, no) was to make my own. I mean, I had all the supplies that I needed.

If you recall, I did make some Pop Tarts earlier this year using this recipe. But those were plum.

The secret to Orange Creme is vanilla and orange extracts (+ a little bit of orange zest)

added to vanilla pudding. (I used this recipe adding 3 teaspoons of orange and 1/2 extra tsp of vanilla extracts.)

After this point, assembly is the same as the plum tarts. (Please refer to either the "37 confections" or "Sweets by Sarah" links above if you need directions. I'm sugar crashing and don't feel like typing them out.)

While these Pop Tarts don't taste exactly like creamsicles, they do come very close.

They certainly cured my need for orange creaminess wrapped in pastry dough.

Plus they're even better when they're cold and wrapped in foil.


Lisa B. said...


r4kk4 said...

i'd mail you some but they'd be all gross and shit by the time they got there.

jrhyley said...

OMGaaaaaah. I'd forgotten how badly I wanted these. Gonna have to go out and buy some of those frozen pastry sheets now (because hello, I'm lazy) but these *will* get made.

r4kk4 said...

you'll post a link to a picture here, right?

(that dough is super easy when you have time/inclination to make it. it also freezes pretty well.)

jrhyley said...

It's the "roll out immediately" part that puts me off. Tiny, tiny kitchen. But mostly it's the lazy thing. ;) Hoping to get to the store today.

r4kk4 said...

that's something i totally understand.

wanna' know a secret though? you don't hafta' roll out immediately. you can stick it in the fridge or whatever. just let it warm up on the counter for, like, 15-20 minutes before rolling if you do that.

like i follow baking rules. pshaw! i'm like a bad rhianna tattoo. je suis rebelle baker. (snort)

jrhyley said...

Well, here's where being lazy can lead to unexpected discoveries! I picked up puff pastry instead of regular pastry sheets, mainly because they were right there in the freezer case next to the ice cream. I find the puff pastry to be more savory than sweet, mostly due to the sheer fuck-tons of butter in it. So yeah, very interesting, very very rich little pastries that weren't really anything like a pop=tart at all.

And photos, as promised:

r4kk4 said...

the homemade dough is fairly savory as well. to be honest, they don't taste so much like prefab pop tarts as just a nice, buttery crust with some childish filling. haha!

yours do look great! (esp with the food dye!)