Sunday, April 01, 2012

creme egg showdown

let's take a short break from travel posts and talk about cadbury creme eggs.

i brought back a few from this last uk trip to see if the rumors were true. are british creme eggs better? let's find out.

the wrappers are certainly different. there's no green on the british verion nor is there a distorted cartoon chicken. so +1 to blighty and co for looking more streamlined.

what about size? ah! well! things are bigger in britain! and the egg also appears to be less bashed and bruised.

here's a closeup. yep, britannia rules. (god, i'm sorry for writing that.)

i refrigerated both eggs so that they would be easier to cut open for a cross section. this is me knifecriming one of the eggs.

and here're the american innards. as you can see, the chocolate shell is a bit thin and the egg white is slightly runny even though it's been chilled.

let's take a look at the inside of the british egg. the chocolate shell is MUCH thicker and the cream is, you know, creamy and not grainy? so much better. well played, uk!

as for taste, well. it is true!!! british creme eggs just taste better. the chocolate has a slightly nutty flavor to it, the creme filling is not cloying but instead compliments the shell. rhyley felt the same way as i did but added that size did not matter. leff finds that the british creme eggs tasted like the ones he used to eat when he was a wee bairn and he then pounded the remains of the american slurry version into a pulp with his fist.

ok, i'm lying about that last part.

in summation, get thee to the uk and get some cadbury eggs! they're actually good!


Jason Brackins said...

I used my special fist, which I call "Fisty McBeefPunch"

r4kk4 said...

is your other fist called "yorkshire pudding"?

alidoesit said...

If you can't make it all the way across the ocean, the Canadian ones are the same as the British ...

r4kk4 said...

true! but i have connections in the uk. ;D