Tuesday, April 10, 2012

rhys in seattle 2012, pre trip

today i'm doing a bit of backtracking to the week before leff and i did europe, 2012. why? 'cause that's when rhys came to town!

i am trying to remember what this time was like. leff had not quit his job. i was still working full tilt so that i would meet the bcc show deadline and so that things would autopost. it snowed?!?!

christ, i don't remember. i seems like it was another life ago.  i'm assuming that i must have gone to seatac though because this photo of a flight number written on my hand was on my lappytop.

yeah, i'm high tech. also, you can see the scars on my hand from that time i got entangled in some barbed wire after a nasty bike accident, if you look really closely.

anyway, RHYYYYYYYYSSSS!!!  i know you love him as much as i do. this is why i'm always taking him to zeitgeist and the international district.

i'm pretty sure that we had takeout from the food court at uwajimaya on this trip to seattle but i don't remember what else we did that day though BECAUSE I AM THE WORST! (also, i was starting my standard" freak out before a flight routine". (sorry, rhys!))

speaking of me being the worst, rhys tagged along while i got my hair done. this is my shadow when i still had hair. although you can't see it because i had it pulled back. WHAT?!? it was five different colors (purple, pink, normal dishwater brown, brown from a box and a shit ton of grey.) and hadn't been cut since that woman with an injured hand scalped me about about a year and half ago. (hair trauma, i had it.)

anyway, LONG STORY SHORT, it took TWO HOURS at vain to repair the damage. poor, poor rhys, sitting in the sun and reading his kindle. i am the worst host.

or am i!??! because i made this double decker chocolate cake with a marmalade center layer and orange chocolate icing.

and here is capslock rhyley's reaction shot:  WHY DO I HATE THIS CAKE?!?!

oh yeah! we also went shopping at ish so that 1) i could get leff a "congrats on quitting your shit job!" tie 2) rhys could get a bow tie. i did not purchase the darker pink wig even though i wanted to (because two housesitters ago, my pink wig was STOLEN. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!).

i also took him to the former gas station now sushi/teriyaki place.


man, i wish that i had done more with the "capslock rhyley" nonmeme.

what else did we get up to (besides me taking a sleeping pill that knocked me out for about 26 hours?)? uuuuuh....we probably watched television and played "skyrim". rhys? do you remember more than i do? i KNOW that i was crazy freaked out and that leff was in seattle a lot finishing that old job of his. little help?

also, hey! promise the next rhys post will have, you know, DETAILS OF WHAT WE DID! well, what we did after leff and  i stopped being jet lagged. HAHAHAHAH!! we are the worst!!!


jrhyley said...

I have absolutely no recollection. I think the trauma of coming back to pollen-deluged GA has blocked it all out.

r4kk4 said...

awwwww!! :(:(:( COME BACK, RHYS PRIESTLAND!!!